Olof David Åhlén

SOMA Labs Music is proud to present our latest release by Swedish artist and producer David Åhlén . Whereas our previous release is intended for DJs and dancefloors, Advent is best experienced on headphones while in contemplative moods. It is an introspective journey through subtle soundscapes, abstract textures and dreamy voices. It’s also an excellent example of the SOMA COSMOS Drifting Memory Station being used in a number different creative ways.
The song “Birgitta”, in memory of David’s mom who passed away in 2021, will also be released as a video in collaboration with video artist Ida Davidsson. The EP was recorded during December 2021, which led to its title. Advent, or Arrival, is still widely celebrated in Sweden by lighting a candle every Sunday.

Get comfortable and drift away with the warm, soothing tones of Advent!

Release date: 16.09.22
Label: SOMA Labs Music
Artwork: Olof David Åhlén
Mastering: Manne von Ahn Öberg