We are proud to present the first Soma Labs Music techno release- a powerful EP by underground producer Ramilitch. At times the Decay EP strays into industrial territory while remaining very danceable with funky Detroit and acid influences. The relentless yet moody tracks will appeal to fans of the classic Birmingham sound as well (think early Regis, Female and Surgeon), perfect for your harder-edged sets.
“Ferrum" plunges us into an iron techno symphony, where the grinding metal sound of the synthesizer keeps the suspense and sets the tone for the EP.

The "Not Works" vocals were recorded spontaneously during a garage jam. It seemed to my friend Ivan Ivanchenko that his synthesizer was not working and he shouted into the microphone, connected through a chain of reverbs and distortion, the phrase “not works”. I shouted into the microphone - “everything works!”. But really everything worked.
The composition “Inside The Nucleus Reactor” is a reminder of the awesome force unleashed by the disintegration of the atom, a force that can both serve us usefully and bring terrible destruction.
Fast “3acid" is an ode to acid techno, a driving track that grabs you and never lets go. Perhaps the most accessible track on this EP, Ramilitch takes the classic sound and makes it his own.
"Interpolation" closes the album, as if finding unknown intermediate meanings of the thoughts that emerged from listening to the material.