Digital Asceticism

Kakos Nonos

The album takes a minimalist approach, using small technical means to get a big result. This album was produced entirely with sounds from the SOMA «Rumble of Ancient Times» synthesizer, using only some reverb and delay as effects.

The tracks were written in Reason with the Redux sampler. Each part was created separately on the synth, recorded into the sampler and tuned to the required note. This is how the melody, bass lines and so on were composed. It's possible to write melodies and entire songs with SOMA RoAT, as it offers a wide variety of chiptune, drum and percussive sounds, in addition to interesting glitch and noise elements.

Kakos Nonos is a programmer and sound designer, creator of the «Rumble of the Ancient Times» synthesizer. Documentary about Kakos Nonos: Kakos Nonos (documentary about the RoAT creator).

Label: SOMA Labs Music
Release date: 15.07.2022
Artwork: John Norton Irr