Grounding Awareness in the Real Presence

Aurum Sol

The new album Grounding Awareness in the Real Presence on SOMA Labs Music, by Mikhail Ovsyanikov aka Aurum Sol, is one we are very proud to release, and not just for its musical qualities. Like SOMA Laboratory, this is a work where philosophy, introspection and mysticism are core concepts.
The title, as well as some of the tracks on the album, are inspired by the works of G.I. Gurdjieff, philosopher, mystic and composer of Armenian and Greek descent.
In the artist’s own words: «The album represents an integration of my experiences in Peru, where I embarked on a shamanic journey through the country and worked with traditional Amazonian medicine». During one of these ceremonies, the artist was inspired to write the composition Dance with the Spirit.
Polyrhythms, piano parts on Rhodes, rich multi-layered tracks created on analog synthesizers are what make the whole album dynamic, despite the fact that the main genre for this album is ambient. Listening to the first track, you will never guess what you will hear in the second and in each subsequent one. This album goes far beyond the usual album in the ambient genre.
This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a personal narrative of Aurum Sol’s journey towards self-discovery and inner growth.
Release date: 05.05.23
Label: SOMA Labs Music
Artwork: Viktoriia Kharlamova
Mastering: Korney Kretov