«LYRA2» is the second album by Subradial recorded with SOMA LYRA-8 as the only instrument played through chains of various effects.

«The music is inspired by mossy forests, rugged landscapes, abandoned houses and haunted castles of the Scottish Highlands where I live,» — says the artist.

All music was recorded live during various sessions, some tracks are made of recordings from a few sessions layered into one composition, some are takes from a single session with a bit of EQ and mastering.

«I connect with LYRA-8 in a way that I don't connect with any other gear I have, I love to send it through various chains of effects as they expand LYRA's sound and add some new flavours to the sonic palette. I think LYRA-8 is a masterpiece, I love that it is a bit unpredictable, how you interact with it and how it takes you on a journey through undiscovered sonic territories, it is unique and super inspiring and allows me to record music that I would not be able to create with other synths,» - Subradial.

Release date: 03.06.2022

Label: SOMA Labs Music

Artwork: Subradial & L.M. Szatewicz

«Once again I was listening to your music thinking how good my LYRA is

Your setup and approach reveal the most powerful sides of the instrument, showing that LYRA is a way to a new harmony and flexibility of musical thinking. Thank you!»

Vlad Kreimer CEO of SOMA Laboratory