Mission Drift

aries hbu

SOMA Labs Music presents the first release by Glasgow-based producer Ross Prentice under his new alias aries hbu. His main alter ego Yoker Moon focuses on ambience and experimentalism, but this new project is firmly rooted in rhythmic music and a more immediate and dance floor-friendly sound while maintaining the same signature depth and emotion from his previous releases.
In the words of the artist himself, these new productions were borne out of a deep love for myriad dance music forms and how they interweave; the conscious straddling of both insular, otherworldly headphone expeditions and the call for movement.

The Mission Drift EP explores the universal experience of having to lose our way at times to make it possible to grow. We may need to venture off-road, to welcome chaos and to chase side-quests in order to evolve and reinvigorate ourselves.
On an aesthetic level, the EP presents three distinct experiments in rhythm informed by a patchwork of dance music forms. It's the result of explorations of a hybrid approach to music production - from welding together generative sequencing methods and granular atmospherics for ethereal tones and intrigue, to hardware improvisation and performance that create physicality and presence.

Aries hbu's Mission Drift EP is an album that is best enjoyed on headphones and it also offers three deep and moody breakbeat techno/electro tools for your deeper DJ sets!

Release date: 23.12.2022

Label: SOMA Labs Music

Artwork: Christian Attard