Aurum Sol

On April 28, SOMA Labs Music drops the stand-out single «Oscillation» from the upcoming album «Grounding Awareness in the Real Presence» by Aurum Sol.
«Oscillation» is a beautiful instrumental song that takes the listener on a journey through a world of atmospheric soundscapes and intricate rhythms, evoking emotions of calmness and cosmic relaxation.
The warm sound is accompanied by subtle and intricate details such as the sound of flying birds, creating a rich and immersive listening experience. The tempo of the track evolves in waves, building to a climax with the introduction of non-conventional, shamanic drum sounds.
It features emulated sounds of iconic analogue instruments (such as Jupiter-8, Prophet, Farfisa organs as well as mid-'70s Rhodes models) mixed with pure digital sounds, for a layered and dynamic sound. «Oscillation» is a meditation on the journey of the soul, inviting the listener to explore the inner light that’s inside all of us.
Release date: 28.04.23
Label: SOMA Labs Music
Artwork: Viktoriia Kharlamova
Mastering: Korney Kretov