Artists: Rogue Salad, Blackcarburning, Isaac Pine, postsolarpunk, Max Ace, inuit, Taipei, Russian Corvette, Staggersaur.
We are proud to present our second SOMA Labs Music compilation called SOMALOGY vol.2. It’s the follow-up to SOMALOGY vol.1, continuing our mission to​​support independent musicians and to introduce people to music we think is forward-thinking and innovative in different ways.
The origin of the artists on this compilation is as diverse as the genres they represent, hailing from Copenhagen in the north to Italy in the south, and from Hungary in the east to America in the west.

This atmospheric compilation offers IDM sprinkled with a variety of influences, including elements from rock, industrial, breakbeat and others.
Each track has its own unique idea and concept. For example, in the song «sheGets», the artist inuiit tried to summon the spirit of Anita Berber, the famous/infamous dancer of the 1920s and infuse that zeitgeist with the anachronistic-futuristic noises and sounds of the SOMA samples.

All tracks were made mainly with a sample pack provided by SOMA along with real instruments, and were submitted to SOMA as part of a competition.