Gerrit Lucas, Sonic Junkie, Bris, AeKre, YOMUGATO, felt body
The third SOMA Labs Musiс compilation Somalogy Vol 3 introduces the listener to a slightly different sound of the label, incorporating various elements from instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop, ambient and even a smattering of DnB, dubstep and soul. 
It features deeply conceptual tracks, such as “Soma Dreams” by Sonic Junkie. This fusion of analog and digital sound synthesis techniques represents both the analog domain and its limitations as the material world around us, and the digital side as the metaphysical world that our minds create while in a dream state. The whimsical track “Parade” by Gerrit Lucas creates bright and outlandish images in an otherwise deeply personal composition.
The first four instrumental tracks serve as a perfect build up to the soulful song “Hopeless Somantic” by keyboard player and vocalist Yomugato. Last but certainly not least there's the wonderful “Worldfair 1959”, a guitar-based song with dreamy vocals and atmospheric textures for a truly timeless sound. 
All tracks were made mainly with a sample pack provided by SOMA along with real instruments, and were submitted to SOMA as part of a competition. “Dispersed” by Bris and “Seven Year Phase” by AeKre were produced using solely the Soma samples!