Soul Odyssey

10.000 spore

A concise reflection on the existential: a look at life and death in just two tracks of the EP with the telling title Soul Odyssey by the new SOMA Labs Music artist from the UK - 10.000 Spore.

Set by the canons of the experimental tradition, this EP cannot be pidgeon holed and the compositions exist at the intersection of various genres. The artist takes elements from different musical influences in order to forward his idea to the listener. The vocal parts are performed by the musician Berfy and help us orient ourselves in the abstract instrumental canvas of these two tracks.
In the artist’s words: «Within this listening experience I invite the listener on an immersive odyssey through the profound contours of the soul's journey. It's a transcendental voyage where you'll plunge into the uncharted depths of the unseen realms that underlie our existence: A Soul Odyssey.»
Various SOMA instruments were used in the creation of these compositions: the semi-modular drum machine PULSAR-23, the LYRA-8 organismic synth , the COSMOS drifting memory station and cyber voice synth The PIPE. Immerse yourself into this deep listening experience and embark on a Journey of your very own Soul Odyssey!

Release date: 13.10.2023

Label: SOMA Labs Music

Artwork: Kiyán

Press release: Thomas Lundberg