Gregor Dys

SOMA Labs Music presents stabilitaet, the latest album by German musician and visual artist Gregor Dys. The source of inspiration came from the awareness of the vulnerability of our human bodies, which the artist realized from his own experience in a serious accident and by working with medical implants. He developed an interest in how prosthetics, as a part of modern medicine, can serve as a visceral image for showing humanity’s use of tools to transform not only their bodies and minds, but also to transform them as technology begins to enter the realm of science fiction.
The seven tracks from the album are only loosely defined by the ambient genre. In fact, the release is at the intersection of several genres and takes elements from each. Soothing electronic textures give way to guitar meanderings through dispurtive effects, with a cohesive fluidity, smoothness, and in some moments a sense of stagnation. Other times the music evokes a sense of movement, from one state to another. Gregor Dys has managed to create a colorful canvas that evokes intricate imagery and landscapes, taking the listener on a rewarding journey within
All this, together with a skillful combination of various acoustic instruments and modular synthesizers, makes the album really unique. Beautiful, dreamy and warm, sum up stabilitaet by Gregor Dys.

Release date: 02.06.23
Label: SOMA Labs Music
Artwork: Dalia Mikonyté
Mastering: Gleb Bachiksma