Transmissions 1


One of our SLM artists is returning to the label with something quite different this time around. If most of Subradial's previous works can be described as wintery, dark and even cold, 'Transmissions 1' feels much brighter and warmer, more colourful and has more of that 'summer evening' feel to it... We're proud to present "Space Age" as the first single from the 'Transmissions 1' album.
Subradial's latest release is grounded in ambient dub and incorporates a myriad of genres such as downtempo, chillout, soundscapes and experimental electronic elements, a mixture that is closer to his early albums 'Bioloophorm 1' and 'Bioloophorm 2' released in 2003 and 2004.

A lot of the music on this album was recorded during live sessions and ever-changing setups that more recently included SOMA COSMOS and SOMA PULSAR-23. PULSAR-23 was also used as an effects unit, processing external audio.

Release date: 11.08.2023

Label: SOMA Labs Music

Artwork: Subradial

Press release: Thomas Lundberg

«Past memories, musical influences and some vivid dreams from my childhood are the main inspirations behind this album which is a collage of various pieces of music recorded in the past few years, field recordings, some heavily processed radio transmissions, noises and fragments of vintage documentaries.

As a youngster I was intrigued and fascinated by all those mysterious sounds as well as listening and recording music and sounds from radio, often very late at night. Sometimes the music was blending with sounds of rain, thunderstorms or morning birds coming through the window... As a kid I often sat on the roof of a shed in the garden on summer evenings, listening to sounds of distant town where I grew up. Since then I was always fascinated by those distant soundscapes as well as sounds of surroundings and nature in general, I also loved watching documentaries- especially about space and nature.»