SOMA Tutorial Contest
— is a competition for creating the best, most original and creative tutorials for SOMA devices.

Since SOMA gear tends to be quite unusual and complex, people are always looking for further suggestions, tips and deep dives in order to master their SOMA instrument. We always try to provide thorough manuals, even interactive manuals such as for PULSAR-23, and a variety of walk-through videos for all our gear, but we recognize that there are a lot of talented musicians and producers out there who may have developed unique insights and workflows for our gear that we had not thought of yet.

Some people are more talented at creating tutorials than we are, this is a skill in itself and we would like to stimulate and reward those people out there who could be interested in creating SOMA tutorials which we can share with the community.

The prize of the competition is COSMOS!

Your tutorials:
#1 by Бенуа Мюш
#2 by Бенуа Мюш
#3 by Dark Tapes
#4 by Fabiano Be
#5 by Kristiyan
#6 by Elk Wrath
#7 by Cinematic Laboratory
#8 by SoundOkapi
#9 by Cinematic Laboratory
#10 by Elossa
#11 by Giovanni Biancofiore | Lovefrequencies
#12 by Bombmotion

A tutorial can be a detailed overview of some function of your SOMA instrument, as well as any tricks and cool things that you discovered while using it. It should be about how to use each instrument in more creative ways, unexpected ways and/or in combination with your other gear and/or sequencers. We’re not looking for ordinary tutorials (except maybe for ORNAMENT-8;), covering things we already covered in our own videos. Unless of course you’re a master of the art of video tutorials and want to cover the basics in a way we never could. We’re always ready to be impressed…And while you can use other instruments in your tutorials as well, SOMA gear should play a central role.

The jury is you. The prize will be awarded to the creator of the best tutorial based on the results of public voting.

After September 15th, we will publish all contest tutorials on this page, where there will also be a popular vote for the best video, which will last until October 1st. On the first day of autumn, we will announce the winner, who will get his hands on the Drifting Memory Station — COSMOS.

How many videos can be submitted?

Answer: Max 2 tutorials per participant.

Good luck, dear SOMA friends!