Voyage Obscure

Linear Straight

SOMA Labs Music is proud to present a very outstanding ambient and techno album by one of SOMA’s longtime friends and supporters, who also happens to be a very talented underground producer from Belgium. These are deep, majestic and sometimes rhythmic soundscapes by a veteran of the scene, best experienced on a quality surround sound system or audiophile headphones. Sit down, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the Voyage Obscure by Linear Straight.
Linear Straight offers the listener a very unique approach to drones and soundscapes, from cinematic orientated scores to repetitive rhythms and pounding techno beats, frequently haunted by spooky atmospheres and dramatic chord progressions.
The album takes off with “A place to bury strangers”, building up tension for what is to come using his own voice as the main sound source for the entire composition. “The invisible quantity of matter” deals with how long things resonate, even the little ones. “Howling moons” introduces the first rhythmic notions on the album. Buried deeply in the mix, the metallic sounds eventually take over in combination with the noise.
“Solar flares” is a more straightforward 4/4 atmospheric track with sparkling effects in a wide stereo field. A slow burner for the dancing legs out there. “The end as we know it” is about drama, with a lo-fi sharp cinematic drone in a shimmer bath and feedback delay … all done with a single human voice and the SOMA Pipe. “Firestorm” combines distorted strings, oriental voices and different noise types, while “Dathomir witch” is dark, spooky and low. “Dwarven artefacts” is probably more what some people expected to hear from this artist. Straight up techno, stereo bubbles in an aggressive coat, like it or not - pure energy.
The album culminates into a real techno banger, with a driving break kick drum and intense industrial percussion sounds, complete with breakdown, vocals and crazy background sounds scattered throughout.

Strap in and get ready for some seriously deep ambient and rhythmic soundscapes of the highest order.
Release date: 24.03.23
Artwork: Leo Keteleer (in memory RIP 16 November 2010)
Mastering: Linear Straight