Walking in Siberia

Alin Dimitriu

This composition is very aptly named «Walking in Siberia». In just 2.5 minutes, it takes you on a journey to cold and beautiful Siberia, where the snow sparkles in the bright sunlight and towering pine trees rise to the skies.
«The Soma Music production contest was such a pleasure to participate in because although I don't own any of their synth products (yet), I was stunned by the 'out of the box' thinking and synths. For «Walking In Siberia»' I've exclusively used the samples provided and took it like a personal challenge never doing that before. Haven't thought about a particular genre, I've just let myself get carried away by the sounds», — Alin Dimitriu.
Release date: 18.02.22
Label: SOMA Labs Music
Artwork: Kiyán
Mastering: Gleb Ulianov