The best ambient soundscapes are the ones that open up our imagination and take us to places we’ve never been, setting our mind free to travel the unlimited realms of the worlds inside us. It’s one of the reasons we are so pleased to release this great LYRA trilogy by Subradial, the final part of which is available on January, 27th. Where LYRA1 and LYRA2 took us to the Scottish Highlands, LYRA3 sets off further north in the old and worn Norwegian mountains.
Icy cold, rugged and eerily beautiful, LYRA3 takes the listener through windy and meandering mountain passes before entering an unknown realm at the top of the world.

Recorded using two LYRA-8s as the only instruments played through effect pedals, this trilogy really shows off the beautiful sides of the instrument, a fragility that is never far away from erupting into raw chaos with a primordial energy that is difficult to reign in.

Release date: 27.01.2023

Label: SOMA Labs Music

Artwork: Subradial

«Once again I was listening to your music thinking how good my LYRA is

Your setup and approach reveal the most powerful sides of the instrument, showing that LYRA is a way to a new harmony and flexibility of musical thinking. Thank you!»

Vlad Kreimer CEO of SOMA Laboratory